Missions We Support

Acts 1:8 tells us that we are to reach out to Jerusalem (Kiowa and Elbert County) and at the same time reach Judea (USA), Samaria (Canada, Mexico and Central America) and Ends of the Earth (The rest of the World). 

We must never forget that, "God so loved the world that He gave"....and so must we.

One of the main reasons for God's blessings on Majestic View Church is our commitment to Missions. MVC supports both global missionary operations, as well as missions involving some of our own congregation members. In fact, with God's help, we have been blessed in being able to help plant 5 churches here in Colorado.

Below is a description of the missions and missionaries we support. For additional information about all the Missions supported by Majestic View Church, please contact the church office. Also, if anyone has updated information about any of our missionaries, please let the church know so we can all enjoy the news of the Lord's work!


Jeremy Hambrice

The Hambrice family have joined the Baptist Missionary Association of America and are working to bring Christ to the Wantakia people of Papua New Guinea. They are currently learning the Wantakian language and developing strong relationships with the people.

Please click here to follow their exciting work.

Brandon Culp

Brandon is from Majestic View Church. He is now currently following the Lord based out of Guatemala and serving with a ministry called Casas por Cristo. Casas por Cristo leads teams of people to build homes, churches, and other buildings in Juarez, Mexico, Acuna, Mexico and in Guatemala for those in need.

Please click here to learn more about the Casas por Cristo operation.

Brian Cleary

Brian and his wife Piper are planting a church in Thornton, Colorado. Brian and his family moved to Thorton to plant a church because God lead them to go without support and trusting that God has plans for them in Thorton. We are excited to join them as a prayer and support partner in this venture.

Joshua & Meagan

Joshua and his new bride Meagan will be moving to Zambia, Africa, to found an orphanage and follow the Lord where He takes them. Please join us in our prayers for them on this monumental journey.


Majestic View Church supports the Baptist Missionary Association of America and their mission of "Influencing the world for Jesus Christ by planting churches throughout all nations"

Please click here to learn about BMAA missions and what God is doing with our support.

Casas por Cristo

Casas por Cristo mission is to "open the door for local pastors and churches to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving"

Please click here to learn more about the Casas por Cristo operation.

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