Children's Church

At Majestic View Church, we believe that the education of our children is mandated by God. Our desire is to partner with parents to achieve this goal. Because children learn by observing and by direct instruction, we have a twofold approach on Sunday mornings. Children join their parents in worship, and are then dismissed for teaching at their level during the message.

Children's Church has two classes during Sunday morning service:

  • Wee Worship for children potty trained through preschool.
  • Wonder Worship for children Kindergarden through 4th grade.

We also have a Children's Puppeteer ministry that meets during the week. Please contact the church office for more information on this fun children's activity!

Our Goal is for you to be able to answer the following three questions!

1. Did my kid have fun?
2. Did my kid learn something?
3. Is my kid safe?

We want your child to have a blast with us as we teach them how much God loves them and gave us an entire book to show us this amazing truth!

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